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Please fill out this application if you are interested in adopting from Tinypaws Rescue & Sanctuary. When you have been approved for Adoption and have chosen your new family member, please print and sign the Adoption Contract. You can mail or fax it to the available address. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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What behavioral/personality traits are you looking for in an animal?:

Have you had this animal species before, or do you have experience with it?:

Are you looking for a bondmate for your own animal?:

Have you ever shared your home with an animal(s) before?:

Do you still have the animal(s)?:

If no, what happened to it?:

How many animals do you have currently?:

Were any animals adopted from a rescue group? If so, which one?:

Will the new addition be living and interacting with the other animals? If so, please provide details about the other animals and how you are going to handle interaction situations:

Have you owned multiple animals at the same time before?:

How do you plan on housing the animal? Will the animal be housed in appropriate sized caging (as recommended)?:

Please give an example of what the animal's daily diet will be:

What type of litter will you use?:

How much attention will the animal(s) get, and how often will the animal(s) get to have runtime (if applicable)?:

Who is your veterinarian (provide name, location/address, and phone number)?:

Who is adopting this animal?:

Why do you want to adopt this animal?:

Do all of the adults agree to the adoption?:

Do you rent your house or apartment? If yes, does your landlord allow pets?:

Are you employed? Who will be financially responsible for the animal(s)?:

Does anyone in the household have animal allergies?:

How many adults and children live in your household?:

Children (Under 18):

What are the ages of the children?:

How do your children get along with other animals?:

If there are children in the household, describe how they will interact with the new addition. Will they be handling the animal?:

Will you supervise your children with the new addition?:

How much help do you expect in caring for the animal?:

Are you willing to do most of the work yourself?:

If you are adopting the animal for your children, what will you do once the children go off to high school or college?:

Are you planning on moving within the next 2 or 3 years? If so, what will you do with the animal(s)?:

Are you planning on having children in the next few years? If so, what will you do with the animal(s)?:

What will you do with the animal(s) if there is a sudden, unexpected death in your household?:

If you have ever given away, sold, or surrendered a pet, what were the circumstances?:

If you can no longer care for your adopted animal(s) due to financial or personal reasons, what would you do with it?:

Are you interested in purchasing discount used or new equipment from Tiny Paws? All funds support the rescue:

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