Please fill out one of these Applications for Volunteer work or if you are considering Adopting from Tinypaws Rescue & Sanctuary.

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Adoption Contract

Volunteer Application (Also see the Youth Volunteer Program.)

Foster To Adopt Contract

Foster Contract


Tiny Paws Rescue & Sanctuary, Ltd. endorses the Foster To Adopt program used by our affiliate rescue groups.
As part of this no charge service, you can consult with the rescue group to pick the individual animal best suited for your family and lifestyle. This allows you to learn a more complete history of your future pet than you might with other sources such as a pet store or breeder.
You will sign a special adoption contract. This allows the rescue organization to lend you the durable equipment you need, so you need only to supply all consumable goods. We will help you select the right products to keep your pet in optimal good health.
You have 30 days to decide to keep or return your pet. You then return the durable goods to the rescue organization that loaned it to you and purchase your own housing sect. otherwise you return everything and get your adoption fee refunded. We reserve the right to charge a small fee for paperwork.
TP wants you and your new companion to live happily ever after!


Hamster special!

Tiny Paws Rescue is currently running a special on hamster adoptions.  Adopt a hamster from us for the usual $10 adoption fee and get a complete cage set up:

Small cage or Critter Trail One type; cage, wheel, water bottle and food dish.  $10 with adoption

Larger cage usually with a shelf; cage, wheel, water bottle and food dish $15 with adoption.

Hamster houses can be added for $2.


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