These are our available animals. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting any of them. Also, please fill out the Adoption Application. Here are our pets that have found loving homes.

Our pets are not allowed on pine or cedar shavings as these are toxic to the animal and humans.

Our rabbit adoption fee is only the $85 we pay the vet for their neuter/spay (a greatly discounted rate). by our wonderful vets at Parkway Small Animal and Exotics Hospital in Clinton Township. We do not pass on the cost of any extra veterinary care which can be in the hundreds of dollars, nor their care and feeding while in the rescue. We do ask if you can afford an extra donation, that you help with the extra expenses.

Rabbit (single): $85
Rabbits (pair): $170
Rabbits (trio): Price varies
Guinea Pig (single): $35
Guinea Pigs (pair): $70
Guinea Pigs (trio): Price varies
Gerbil or Hamster (single): $10
Gerbils or Hamsters (pair): $20
Chinchillas: Price varies
Hedgehogs: Price varies

We also have a large assortment of cages and equipment for sale at greatly reduced prices and sell Oxbow pellets and hay for the good health of your adopted pet.


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