For monetary donations, you may send a check to the address given on the contact page or pay through to


Please contact us if you wish to donate something. We will only accept the following items:


  • Shredded paper - crosscut short pieces only. The long shreds get tangled in the exercise wheels and the animals.
  • Hardwood Stove Pellets
  • Carefresh or Similar(must be frozen before donation)
  • Yesterday's News Unscented Cat Litter


  • Hamster mixes (Kaytee, L&M, etc.)
  • Fresh Vegetables & Fruits (Carrots, Romaine Lettuce, Apples, etc.)
  • Lab Blocks (Harlan Teklad or Oxbow Regal Rat)
  • Timothy bases hay Pellets for Guinea Pigs or Rabbits (Oxbow, Kaytee, Zupreem)
  • Timothy Hay (Oxbow)


Housing & Accessories:

  • Wire-based cages (Any size)
  • Travel cages (CritterTrail, etc.)
  • Wheels (Any Size, Solid wheels preferred, but all accepted.)
  • 10 gallon aquariums with lids

Misc. Supplies: /strong>

  • Paper, pens, ink cartridges for printing applications and fliers.
  • Playpens for puppies or small animals/ferrets for adoption events.
  • Business card paper for printing business cards

Volunteers/Foster Homes:

  • Volunteers to clean cages and feed animals at various Petco adoption areas
  • Volunteers to transport and help at adoption events
  • Fosters to open their homes to care for animals in need of temporary housing


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