Tiny Paws has carriers, cages and all the accessories and toys you could ever want. We sell them at a used price usually half or more of retail. These sales and donations are what keep the rescue open, so even if you did not get your pet from us, we welcome you to come to come shopping among our supplies.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying any of the following items:

Monogrammed Products

Picture(s) {Click to Enlarge}:          Price: $18.00

Brief Case

We also have hats and shirts of all kinds. We will get photos for that.


3 Level Cage Topper Price: $70.00 (Retail cost is $140.00)
- With Aquarium $80.00

3 Level Cage Topper

5 Level Cage Topper Price: $90.00 (Retail cost is $180.00)
- With Aquarium $100.00

5 Level Cage Topper

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