Youth Animal Care Volunteer Program


Objective: To help the rescue animals’ chances of adoption by maintaining a clean inviting environment and working to socialize the animals to positive human contact.

· Must be 12 to 17 years old.
· Love of animals and ability to handle close contact with them.
· Volunteer orientation attendance and animal care training.
· The ability to answer customer’s questions is helpful.
· Should have a willingness to work and ability to follow directions.
· Must have a parent, guardian, relative, family friend over 18 accompany him/her each visit.
· Must have a parent, guardian or relative over 18 accompany him/her each visit who will oversee and be responsible for the acts of the youth animal care volunteer.

Time Requirements: You are asked to commit to one full semester (or the whole summer) of volunteer service. We ask you to try to commit to 4 hours a month. Naturally, any extra time you can give is welcome.

Responsible To: Rescue officers and volunteer coordinator.

· Feed and provide water for all rescue animals on display for adoption at various pet store locations.
· Clean housing when needed or according to a set schedule, whichever comes first.
· Groom or clean animal if required.
· Socialize the animals.
Training provided: Volunteer Orientation location specific training, animal care and periodic in house training.

Benefits: You will have the satisfaction that you are helping reduce pet overpopulation and assisting animals in finding permanent homes. You will be supporting an effort to change the fate of shelter animals.

Available Times: The pet stores maintain normal retail shopping hours, allowing you to schedule times that are convenient for you. Most stores are open 7 days a week and until 8 or 9 pm most nights.

Grounds for termination:
· Failure to carry out assigned responsibilities.
· Misrepresenting the rescue or its policies.
· Breach of confidentiality.
· Failure to participate in training.
· Theft
· Abuse of any animal.

Contact Person:

Linda Oleszko
Voicemail or Fax 586 574 9668


Also see the Adult Volunteer Application.

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